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This film hits theaters on November 30th and you can’t miss it!



Going to the cinema, for those who like it, is always a fun experience. Because, despite it seeming like a routine, what you see is always different. So it ends up being worth it. However, the truth is that recently we have had somewhat weak projects in world cinemas. And even the Marvel ones, which are usually quite good, ended up not surprising. In other words, it did not make up for the money spent on the ticket. But don’t worry, because this month we’re going to have at least one premiere that’s going to get people talking.

Therefore, we are talking about nothing less than Thanksgiving. A drama/horror film that is about to become one of the most successful films this year. This is clear, taking into account the trailer that is now available and which gives us a very positive opinion about the project. But what is the story based on anyway?

DC is changing and so are the actors! Jason Momoa is out!

30th of November? This film arrives in theaters and you can’t miss it

Therefore, this new film essentially focuses on the Black Friday holiday where people go “crazy” to get the products they need most at the lowest prices. However, in Plymouth, Massachusetts this did not go very well, with the day ending in tragedy after a riot. Now there is a serial killer who chooses his victims one by one, which at first seemed random to us. But they are actually part of an even bigger plan…

That said, the film had a budget of just 15 million euros, and it is expected that it will be able to double that amount without much effort. But let’s wait and see how the premiere goes.

30th of November

In short, remember that this film opens on November 30th and will certainly impress. In other words, if you like drama/horror films, here’s a good opportunity to have fun, or scare them.

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